Deborah Grice

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Deborah is a British painter from a small farming village in the East Riding of Yorkshire and currently works from her studio on the banks of the River Humber.
Her inspiration is drawn from the philosophy and aesthetics of the nineteenth century romantic landscape painters, particularly Samuel Palmer. By appropriating their visual tropes, she lures the viewer into a sense of familiarity.
On closer viewing Debbie creates a disturbance and gentle provocation with the addition of incongruous graphic forms. These forms can take the shape of golden lines, scarlet tee sections and quadrilaterals. The geometric shapes within the paintings are used as a device that not only creates a visual dissonance but asks questions of the viewer.
We are living in a time of unprecedented technological advancement. She believes we exist in a state of flux, simultaneously, reminiscing about when life was set, allegedly, amongst bucolic vistas; and living in the now of information saturation and climate change. Whilst standing at this crossroad, many of us feel anxious and unsettled.
Deborah doesn’t know what our future holds but through her work; she attempts to offer hope and a visual space to consider our presence - here, right now.

Education: Glasgow School of Art and The Royal College of Art, London
Current Mentor: Graham Crowley (John Moores Painting Prize Winner 2023 and Professor of Painting at the RCA (1998-2006))