Deborah Grice

Deborah is a British landscape painter and printmaker and is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and The Royal College of Art, London. This website showcases her work which can be found in commercial galleries throughout the United Kingdom.
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Here you will find an artist’s statement, biography which includes information about exhibitions, galleries, education and awards.

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Deborah's oil paintings are produced on canvas or panel. The images are inspired by landscapes and making the invisible, visible.
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Deborah's small paintings are mostly painted using oil and gold on primed panel. The widths are between 6cm - 15cm. They are finished paintings in their own right.
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En plein-air drawings using Conte Crayon, Ink and found materials. Recent work has been inspired by North Uist and the Humber Estuary.
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I've been producing new drawings in preparation for a print making session.
Retreat ii | Ink on Paper with Collage | 23cm x 50cm

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